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Cryogenic mill
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Nowadays, the liquid nitrogen mill has played an increasingly important role in industry. It mills the samples that are difficult to pulverize at room temperature, especially to heat sensitive products, including plastics and foodstuffs. For example, liquid nitrogen mill /cryogenic mill is widely used in grinding PP, EVA, TPU, TPEE, nylon,PA11, PA1010, PA12, PA6, PA66, PA610, spices, and so on.

The grinding room is continually cooled with liquid nitrogen from the integrated cooling system before and during the grinding process. The liquid nitrogen circulates through the system and is continually replenished from an auto fill system in the exact amount. The temperature can be cooled down to -196°C, which can be adjusted according to the brittleness point of different stuffs. Thus the material is embrittled and volatile components are well preserved. Powerful impact blade lead to a perfect grinding efficiency. Admittedly, the auto fill system avoids direct contact with liquid nitrogen and makes the operation very safe.


  1. Closed loop design, energy saving
  2. Unique pulverizing design
  3. Compact space usage
  4. Mesh size afjustable, 10-700mesh
  5. Independent human-oriented electric control box
  6. Closed grinding vialseliminate sample cross-contamination

Technical Parameters \

Diameter of fragments room ¢423mm
Main motor power 45kw
Total power 60kw
Medium Liquid nitrogen
Temperature 0℃—-196℃(adjustable)
Fineness 10-700mesh
Dimension 4000*2000*2200mm
Weight 3000kg
Output 100-1000kg(depend on materials
Frequency conversion control is used in the whole system.

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