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LDPE Plastic Grinder
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The researchers obtained sufficient data that plastic powder will have a huge demand in the following decades. Thus you need a plastic grinder, especially a good quality multi-functional plastic grinder. Huibang has rich experience in plastic grinder, it will give you ideal solution that you want.


It is obvious that Huibang plastic grinder is able to grind PE, PVC, PP, ABS, PET, PLA, EVA and so on. This plastic grinder consists of feeding equipment, blades, cooling pipe, cyclone separator, sieving machine, dust collection equipment. Grinder capacity ranges from 50kg/h to 880kg/h.
1.   Adjustable outlet powder size: 0.18mm-1.7mm
2.   Adjustable feeding speed of raw plastic
3.   Offer the service of installation on site
4.   Automatic regrinding system
5. Low consumption, high capacity and save labor cost

Operating Procedure

The operation procedure of the machine is very easy, one operator can make the pulverizer work well. Show you as follow:
  • Starting
Put your raw materials which dimension less than 8mm (hereinafter referred to as granule) into hopper (Part 14); Start the pulverizer system by the independent control cabinet (Part 1); Then open the valve in the hopper and vibration feeder (Part 6). 
  • Stopping
Close the valve and vibration feeder, then stop the pulverizing system by the independent control cabinet two minutes later.

More about the machine\
1.The new designed improve 30% of the life. While simplifying the installation steps of disc. The disc is made of SKD11, which is the Japanese tool steel grades and famous in the world. 
2. By new designed, the bearing can load high-speed rotation.
3. No need any fixed measures on the ground, and no high demands of ground planeness in the installation of pulverizer. The pulverizer can be put on a normal inner ground. 
4. Installation and maintenance of pulverizer is very simple, open the door in the host to clean it up.
5. High degree of automation of operation of the machine makes automatic feeding, discharging and sorting. 
6.The grinding process can all be sealed, and no dust pollution and secondary pollution of materials in grinding process.
7. Fineness can be adjusted within 120 mesh conveniently.
8. Host uses water and wind double cooling system which is use of water and air as the cooling medium. It's very economical. 

Main Technical Parameters

※The output depends on the type of material, feed fineness and fineness of grind.

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