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Single-shaft Plastic shredder
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ZR Series




Midsize single shaft shredder are high speed shredder machines designed especially for the efficient size reduction of various materials in a single pass. This is ideal machine for processing a multitude of materials including plastics, rubber, copper cable and organics amongst others.

◆Typical application includes: large plastic pipes, plastic injection lump packing buckets and splints of the forklift truck and especially for recycling different materials such as plastic, rubber and wood



» The knife and rotor can be taken down so that you can clean, maintain as well as protect the machine.

» Rotary knives are installed in the type of "V". This structure can reduce the noise and depress the energy consumption, also can make the rotary cutting uniformly during the running.

» Each rotary knife has four cutting edges, you can continue to use it after 90° rotation when it wear.

» The wheel gear reducer drive the main shaft, it has the advantages of stable running lower noise and big torque.

» The material are pushed into the shredding chamber by hydraulic. Independent drive system and solid structure make the running stably.

» PLC control system and positive and negative rotation as well as the emergency stop can ensure the machine working safely and stably.


机器参数/Machine Specifications




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