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High Speed Plastic Mixer Machine
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SHR Series




High speed mixer is suitable for plastics, rubber, chemical and food industry, for powder or granulate material blending, coloring and drying.

◆Typical application includes: Production of PVC dry blend, filling and modification of plastics, pre-mixing of compounding process and premix of wood-plastic composites.



» In a high speed mixer, the heat generated due to friction is utilised for mixing, hence it's known as "heater mixer".

» Alt material in contact with product is in SS304 or aluminum alloy and the product will not be contaminated.

» Equipped with thermocouple to monitor the temperature while mixing operation.

» Mixing tool coated with wearresistant material, which can increase service life and past dynamics and static balance test, running smoothly.

» Mixing tool can be designed according to different application.



机器参数/Machine Specifications



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