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MF-500 New-Type vertical disc pulverizer belongs to disc pulverizer series, which has the advantages of high-output and low-power. This pulverizer is mainly applied for pulverizing polyethylene (PE, including LLDPE,LDPE,MDPE,HDPE), polyvinylchloride (PVC, including hard PVC and soft PVC), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), ABS, Nylon, EVA, PET and other materials. This pulverizer is used to reduce the costs of materials, materials modification and improve product quality. Main parts of the pulverizer system is independent control cabinet, pulverizing host, cyclone separator, air shutter, vibration sieve, draft fan, dust catcher, hopper and pipes

Operation procedure
The operation procedure of the machine is very easy, one operator can make the pulverizer work well. Show you as follow:

  Put your raw materials which dimension less than 8mm (hereinafter referred to as granule) into hopper (Part 14); Start the pulverizer system by the independent control cabinet ; Then open the valve in the hopper and vibration feeder.
Close the valve and vibration feeder, then stop the pulverizing system by the independent control cabinet two minutes later.

Performance characteristics

1.The new designed improve 30% of the life. While simplifying the installation steps of disc, and improved the planeness of the disc surface and the unbalance. The disc is made of SKD11, which is the Japanese tool steel grades and famous in the world. The steel is an air-cooled hardened hot work die steel which widely used in international. After electro-smelting furnace and electro-slag remelting, the SKD11 becomes high purity, uniform in microstructure and has good high temperature strength, toughness and resistance to high temperature fatigue properties. And it's able to withstand sudden changes in temperature, suitable for long-term work at high temperatures. Excellent cutting performance and polished performance, the quenching temperature is 1020℃.
2. By new designed, the bearing can load high-speed rotation. A highly rotating motor ensure the harmony of high rotation and reduce operation time and maintaining control.
3.  No need any fixed measures on the ground, and no high demands of ground planeness in the installation of pulverizer. The pulverizer can be put on a normal inner ground.
4.  Installation and maintenance of pulverizer is very simple, open the door in the host to clean it up.
5.  High degree of automation of operation of the machine makes automatic feeding, discharging and sorting.
6.  The grinding process can all be sealed, and no dust pollution and secondary pollution of materials in grinding process.
7.  Fineness can be adjusted within 120 mesh conveniently.
8. Host uses water and wind double cooling system which is use of water and air as the cooling medium. It's very economical.


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